Tom Cruise Forever - خوش قیافه ترین بازیکر مرد تمام دوران هالیوود کیست؟
پیشکشی است به سلطان هالیوود تام کروز افسانه ای و دوستداران او.
به راستی خوش سیماترین بازیگر مرد تاریخ هالیوود کیست؟

مقاله زیر از مجله معروف people  برداشته شده است در آن خوش سیماترین مردان هالیوود به همراه تعداد نامگذاری آنها به عنوان " خوش سیماترین بازیگر مرد " آمده است:

BRAD PITT  Times Named Most Beautiful: 5"Can you believe anybody's that good-looking?" Dustin Hoffman once asked quietly while watching Pitt in action. Umm, no. And the world could be echoing that sentiment once they get a peek at Pitt's soon-to-be-born first child with, of course, one of the planet's most beautiful women, Angelina Jolie.




JOHNNY DEPP Times Named Most Beautiful: 4"Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely," is how his Pirates of the Caribbean costar Keira Knightley sums up the 42-year-old. Yet even with the perfect combination of bad-boy charm and killer cheekbones, Depp doesn't let all the attention go to his head for good and bad. "I've never seen Johnny look in the mirror," says his Cry-Baby costar Traci Lords. "Which can result in some very embarrassing hairdos on his part



ANTONIO BANDERAS Times Named Most Beautiful: 3 His eyes! Those lips! That hair! It's hard to say what one feature makes the 45-year-old so drop-dead gorgeous. But at least his roots will keep him grounded. "In Spain," explains Banderas, a Malaga native, "we have a saying that translates to 'The uglier the man the better


LEONARDO DICAPRIO Times Named Most Beautiful: 3"There's a certain ease which he carries himself with," Amy Adams says of her Catch Me If You Can costar. "It's a mix between being boyish and being a man that's disarming." DiCaprio, 31, takes his sex-symbol status in stride. "You want to be remembered for your work rather than being sort of the hunk of the month," he once said. "There's always a new pretty face.



" GEORGE CLOONEY Times Named Most Beautiful: 5"I always kind of got by on personality and jokes," says Clooney. We beg to differ. With those playful bedroom eyes, the confirmed bachelor, now 44, is more than just an easygoing guy he's a leading man. "He's handsome and has a good sense of humor," says pal Bonnie Hunt. "That's always a nice combo platter.

" HUGH JACKMAN Times Named Most Beautiful: 4As a teenager in Sydney, the 6'2" actor was so gangly he was nicknamed "Worm". Now his long legs are an asset. "I should have been a showgirl," says Jackman, 37, who won a Tony for Broadway's The Boy from Oz. The father of two even likes to be centerstage at home. "When is he most cute?" asks wife Deborra-Lee Furness. "When he's showing me his butt as he walks up the stairs. He's just a show-off!"

 JUDE LAW Times Named Most Beautiful: 4Trouble with nannies aside, Hollywood's leading ladies tend to blush and gush when discussing the dashing 33-year-old. "He's the most beautiful man who ever walked the earth an absolutely perfect oil painting," says Naomi Watts. Nicole Kidman cites his "warmth," and Susan Sarandon calls him "gorgeous." Even Lindsay Lohan is not immune. "He has amazing eyes, plus he's gorgeous and an older man everything I could ask for.

" MEL GIBSON Times Named Most Beautifu۴l: Twenty years ago he became PEOPLE's first Sexies Man Alive. Now 50 and a father of six, his baby blues are still as alluring. "A big part of his appeal comes from his personality," explains designer Giorgio Armani. "Because, after all, Mel is a character, something that comes through in the constant twinkle in his eye

 DENZEL WASHINGTON Times Named Most Beautiful: 5"Referring to Denzel Washington as simply sexy is like saying Ernest Hemingway was a good fisherman," says pal Julia Roberts. Part of the 51-year-old married father of four's appeal lies in his modesty. The Oscar winner says he'd rather not get wind of all the compliments: "The more you hear it, the more you'll want to hear it."

TOM CRUISE Times Named Most Beautiful: 6"Tom has beautiful facial structure," says his Mission: Impossible II director John Woo. "He looks good from every camera angle." The new dad to baby girl Suri, with fiance Katie Holmes has the heart to match. "He's the epitome of romance," Holmes told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Flowers, love notes, everything."

باتوجه به تعداد  عنوان " خوش قیافه ترین" تام کروز با ۶ بار کسب این عنوان در صدر قرار می گیرد و خوش قیافه ترین بازیگر مرد تمام اریخ هالیوود قرار می گیرد.

۱-تام کروز ۶ بار

۲- دنزل واشینگتون- جرج کلونی - برد پیت ۵ بار

۳- جانی دپ- هیو جکمن- جود لاو- مل گیبسون ۴ بار

۴- لئوناردو دیکاپریو- آنتونیو بندراس ۳ بار

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